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Hello – thank you for visiting my web page

I hope you like my website and enjoy listening to my music.
My songwriting goes back to the 1960’s when I wrote a song for a Tyne Tees Television town competition called ‘Tow Law Town’. It was short listed and played on TV, I was 15 years old.

The first group I was in during the 60’s was called Sounds Like Five consisting of my brother and 3 friends. We had a lot of fun. I joined The Gemini Five a group from Crook and we played all over County Durham at clubs and dance halls. The Gemini Five had a good reputation and a good sound playing music of the day… 60’s stuff.

The first demo record of my songs was made at Impulse Studio at Wallsend, Newcastle, myself and friends provided the guitar backing and my sister was the singer. I continued writing songs and approached Mary Hopkins, Dave Berry, Shakin’ Stevens and the Dutch group Pussycat over the years without material success but some interest shown. In 1981 I wrote a song for Tow Law football club when they played at Wembley Stadium for the final of the FA Vase Cup and I raised some money for the football club selling cassettes of the song.

In 2000 I wrote a song with Vic Long, a former member of Freddie And The Dreamers for the Millennium celebrations and raised some money for charity. In 2007 a country singer called Stu Stevens liked some of my songs and recorded ‘It’s The Story of My Life’ which was played on Radio 2 and Radio Newcastle and is available on a Stu Stevens album called Still Standing. I have since co-wrote 2 more songs with Stu, one called ‘The Upper Room’ which is also available on YouTube.

Being a member of The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers has been a great help including the demo facility at SCAMP Studio which The Guild refer and recommend to their members. My main influences have been The Beatles, family sing-songs as my mother played the piano after chapel fostering my love of music and appreciation of the unity music can bring.

In between songwriting, I worked as a civil servant in my Local Government and a carpenter at home and abroad. I met my Dutch wife while working in Holland and we have been married for 35 years and she is the source of inspiration for many of my songs. The songs here on my webpage are in the style of Pop, Easy Listening, Musical Theatre and Country.

‘Give Us A Hug For Xmas’ is a song I created to support the charity Mind
Mind Charity

If you like the song and would like to purchase the song in aid of Mind for the sum of £2.50 which includes postage then I would be happy to send you the song on CD. Please write to me at my email – all monies go to the charity: my email address is

Ronald White:

Please help it is a really worthwhile charity – thank you 



I hope you enjoy listening to my songs

Please get in touch if you would like me to send the lyric sheet 
and the full version of any of my songs

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